Benefits Of Journaling



I’m often asked, why do you journal? Well, my short answer used to be because it gives me clarity. But then I started thinking more about what really are the benefits? What do I really get out of it. So here’s my list.

  1. Pure enjoyment. I love to write, pen to paper. There is something about this that I can’t explain. From some of my earliest memories as a child, I just remember the pure enjoyment of stationary, pens, pencils and creating something on paper. To me this was a way to escape.
  2. Clarity: Journaling allows me to data dump thoughts in my head onto paper. Sometimes I keep a lot of thoughts and then I need to defrag those thoughts on paper so I can get a clear picture.
  3. Lessons Learned: Along with clarity, Journaling often times reminds me that sometimes I need to learn some life lessons. Some people I know keep a index in their journals. I don’t do this but in hindsight I with I would have.

A few tips for journaling.

  1. TABS: I like to use Moleskine Journals. They’re expensive but I like them although I’m not exclusive to them. But one thing I like is most of their journals come with tabs. This allows me to mark such things as “Goals”, “Events”, “Kids”, etc. This way I just get a quick guide to these topics.
  2. TOPICS: Most of my topics are just daily struggles. This is how I data dump. But if I don’t have anything to write, I just write about what makes me happy. I write a lot about my kids and recently dedicated one journal to my kids only.
  3. WHEN: Anytime. I write whenever it comes to me. I don’t like to have a specific time. It may work for you but there is no science to what works for everyone. I find that mornings are my favorite time to write but I certainly don’t limit myself.
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4 thoughts on “Benefits Of Journaling

  1. I enjoy writing, but not with pen and paper. My hand cramps, my penmanship is boymanship, and it doesn’t feel as fluid as a keyboard does. Perhaps if my writing was neat and clean I would have a far different perspective, but as it is, no thanks. I’ll take the keyboard.

    • terrymag says:

      I appreciate the comments. I can appreciate your preference as well. I know pen to paper isn’t for everyone and to be honest, I thought I would be much better with digital journaling but it wasn’t the case. I say, if you enjoy journaling it doesn’t matter what media of choice you have, just as long as you keep it up.

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  3. I am a newbie to journaling and find that I like the style of a illustrated dated diary.

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