Personal Note Cards

Send Out the Personal TouchImage

The business professional with the most friends WINS! Period. The formula for success is that simple.

The power to attract people is what gauges success. The more people consider you a friend and a business professional, the greater your potential for success. Your existing client base, if managed properly, can become your most treasured outside sales force for referrals, the champions of your cause.

Your style of marketing to these people will profoundly impact their impression of you. I firmly advise implementing a personalized, hand-written note campaign. It’s quite simple: Two cards a day and 10 a week equal 520 notes per year. That’s 520 subtle yet powerful marketing opportunities for a very small investment on your part.

It’s important that these personalized cards don’t mention anything about your business, nor should they contain a business card. Never send them in an envelope with your company name and logo. You wouldn’t send your mother or cousin holiday greetings with your business card or company logo. Likewise, if your goal is to create a multitude of friendships, then why jeopardize them by sending business information to a prospective client?

Here’s the drill: Purchase several boxes of blank, inexpensive note cards. Place two blank cards on your desk every morning. Sometime throughout the day, perhaps at lunch, during a break or while on hold for a business phone call, grab a card and write that personalized note to someone in your database. You’ll find it most helpful to have your database open when you are ready to draft that note. You might write, for example:

Hi Joe, 

I’ve been thinking about you. Did you catch that Dodger game last night? It went into the 11th inning. Sure was exciting! I hope that you and your son are both doing well. Perhaps we can all go to a ball game sometime this summer and enjoy each other’s company. Let me know if that would work for you. 


Your Name

That note doesn’t say “business,” it says “friend.” Remember, two cards a day and 10 a week equal 520 a year. Ask yourself this: If you reached out 520 times a year to people you know with a friendly note, how many more transactions would be referred to you as a result?


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