Habits For Easy Email


If you’re like me, every morning you wake up to a large amount of email in your inbox. I’ve had the same email for 19 years now and get more spam than I care to count. I’ve just gotten used to deleting them and moving on.

One thing I’ve seen most friends and colleagues do is make folders in their inbox. I see these long lists of folders of different topics ranging from departments, projects to names and companies. I can’t do that. Everything that comes to me comes to my inbox.

I say forget the use of folders. Searching your inbox is an average of 42 seconds according to IBM research. I like knowing that everything is in one folder. It’s like having one physical inbox on your desk. Have you ever seen more than one inbox on someones desk let alone over a hundred?

Simple makes e-communication more efficient.  Keep your inbox simple.

Here’s 4 items that will help you streamline some issues you may have.

  1. Your email gets lost in the shuffle. Consider Boomerang. Say you want to write an email on Friday but it gets lost in the shuffle by Monday morning. Boomerang let’s you set the time and date for delivery. Cost is FREE for up to 10 messages a month, then $30 for Outlook or $5 for gmail.
  2. Need a quick response to work contacts. If you don’t have time for lengthy responses, with a tap Zoomin will respond “I agree” or any other preset reply. This is a Outlook plugin and app that doesn’t require you to open your email. Cost is Free for now but I heard they’re going to start charging an annual fee of $75.
  3. Missed a message from the boss. Inky is a downloadable service analysis that categorizes your incoming email and filters them so that the most important are at the top. This works with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and other email programs on Mac and PC. Cost is FREE
  4. Staying on top of social media and email. Download Rapportive. This tool is an easy way to keep tabs on friends and associates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When you receive emails Rapportive compiles links to the sender’s online profiles on the side of the message. It will also display their latest updates and tweets. This is a Free app owned by LinkedIn.

These are my picks for keeping you inbox in line.


One thought on “Habits For Easy Email

  1. Shawn says:

    Great tips, Terry! Email is definitely a chore these days. I’m a Boomerang fan myself and I also use Rapportive. Hadn’t heard of Inky or Zoomin so I’ll check those out. I also like ActiveInbox (www.activeinboxhq.com). It does make use of folders, but you can set due dates for the emails and sort them that way.

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