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Why Switchfoot won’t sing Christian songs

Why Switchfoot won’t sing Christian songs.


Classic Rock

I’ve always been a fan of “Classic Rock”, although when I was growing up, it was just ROCK, HARD ROCK. One of my first albums was Led Zeppelin’s fourth release commonly mistaken as Led Zeppelin IV. It was in fact NOT title IV but it was officially untitled. There are many rumors why but I won’t get into them. If I was asked what my all time favorite song was, I’d have to say Stairway To Heaven. This song is probably one of the most played songs ever. I do miss listening to records, the scratches and pops make them what they are, CLASSIC! Funny how when I was listening to them back in the 70’s, I always hated the scratches and pops. If you have this album, listen to it again. When you’re finished, listen again and again.


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