Best Days and Times for Posting to Social Media

Best Days and Times for Posting to Social Media


More than nine out of ten businesses spend six or more hours online each week maintaining a presence on social media. And while you probably already know the benefits of social media–better engagement with your market, better website traffic, improved sales–you might not realize that some days (and times!) are better than others for posting to social media.

Social media analytics firm Socialbakers showed Facebook posts achieve 50% of their total reach within 30 minutes of being posted. In other words, half of all the people who will see your post have seen it within the first half-hour after you post it. Not only that, by the time 90 minutes have elapsed, your average post reaches less than 2% of total audience for the next seven hours before it drops off completely.

That’s why timing your posts properly is the best strategy. Here are the best days and times to post according to current research from Social Caffeine:

BEST: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday
WORST: 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. Avoid after 3 p.m. Friday and weekends

BEST: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., peaking on Wednesdays at 3 p.m.
WORST: 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., avoiding weekends

BEST: 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. OR 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday
WORST: 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., avoid Monday and Friday

BEST: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. or 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., peaking on Saturday morning
WORST: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and late afternoons

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Good Feeling Video

I don’t want to get in the habit of posting videos on my blog but I couldn’t pass this one up. It’s just a feel good video, especially the end.

Why Journal?

Journaling for life, for reason, for therapy, there are no rules.

My Journal

I partially answered why I journal in a previous post on Benefits Of Journaling. In this post I wanted to get a little more detailed on what journaling means to me.

Journaling is an escape; you might say its an addiction of sorts but there is no known cure or medication. Most of my journaling is used for clarity and healing. Let me see if I can explain and I must prefeace that journaling is not blogging. Although I’m sure a lot of people use blogs as journals but I’m just as certain they don’t really journal. Bloggers have an audience of many. Journalers usually have a audience of one, themselves. Sometimes the case may be that they have an audience of two but I think that may be very rare. Most people who journal will write as if nothing they write will be published or ever read by anyone else. I say most because I’m partially the exception. I also keep a separate journal on the life events of my kids and I think of it as something like a time capsule. I will allow them to read it when they’re past their teens.

I usually start my journaling in the morning. I like to say it’s the first thing I do but it’s not. My morning usually consists of getting ready for work before doing anything else. I’m not the kind of person who can get up and pray, meditate or even journal. I need to be completely ready for the day before I do anything. Journaling is usually the first on my list when I’m ready for the day. Some days I can write three of four pages and others maybe just a paragraph.

And so the question, why journaling? Do you ever just get completely overwhelmed by work, family, bills or just life? Of course, we all do. We all get overwhelmed and most of us have something to help us “cope”. Well this is just one of those mechanisms for coping.

Keeping a journal doesn’t mean you have to log everything that happens every day. I think of it more like a place to lay all of the issues of life, good and bad, out on paper to get a clear view of what may be overwhelming you. For me, this helps me analyze areas in my life that need attention. Or it may just help me get something out of my head or “off my chest”. I often use journaling as therapy to just vent certain challenges in my life. Actually, I find the latter to be the case more often than not. Think of it as a companion who will just listen.

I’ve only scratched the surface on journaling. How do you start you ask? Well, I prefer pen to paper and if you do I suggest you get a journal (Moleskine Cahier Pocket Plain Red Cover) and just start writing. If you prefer the digital method then I suggest you just start typing. It’s easy to start and there are no rules. I’d like to hear from you so leave me a note and tell me how you journal.

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Benefits Of Journaling



I’m often asked, why do you journal? Well, my short answer used to be because it gives me clarity. But then I started thinking more about what really are the benefits? What do I really get out of it. So here’s my list.

  1. Pure enjoyment. I love to write, pen to paper. There is something about this that I can’t explain. From some of my earliest memories as a child, I just remember the pure enjoyment of stationary, pens, pencils and creating something on paper. To me this was a way to escape.
  2. Clarity: Journaling allows me to data dump thoughts in my head onto paper. Sometimes I keep a lot of thoughts and then I need to defrag those thoughts on paper so I can get a clear picture.
  3. Lessons Learned: Along with clarity, Journaling often times reminds me that sometimes I need to learn some life lessons. Some people I know keep a index in their journals. I don’t do this but in hindsight I with I would have.

A few tips for journaling.

  1. TABS: I like to use Moleskine Journals. They’re expensive but I like them although I’m not exclusive to them. But one thing I like is most of their journals come with tabs. This allows me to mark such things as “Goals”, “Events”, “Kids”, etc. This way I just get a quick guide to these topics.
  2. TOPICS: Most of my topics are just daily struggles. This is how I data dump. But if I don’t have anything to write, I just write about what makes me happy. I write a lot about my kids and recently dedicated one journal to my kids only.
  3. WHEN: Anytime. I write whenever it comes to me. I don’t like to have a specific time. It may work for you but there is no science to what works for everyone. I find that mornings are my favorite time to write but I certainly don’t limit myself.
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I like to reblog from time to time. This a great article on wedding videography from an acquaintance at Enjoy.


Tip of the Day #61: Expert Wedding Videography Advice from Paperback Weddings

A friend of mine forwarded a snippet of a Paperback Weddings video to me a few months ago.  Within seconds of watching, tears were rolling down my eyes as I found myself wrapped up in footage of complete strangers exchanging vows.  The wedding video was perfectly edited and truly made me feel like I was a part of the couple’s celebration.

The lovely and talented Katie Chesnut of Paperback Weddings offers up sound advice on the importance of wedding videography.  Enjoy her tips for hiring a wedding videographer!

I become totally disheartened when I speak with couples that decide not to hire a videographer for their wedding in order to cut costs. Why, do you believe, is a cinematic account of a wedding so important to have?
Other than photography, there is no other tangible way to look…

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They Grow Up Fast. Or Do They?

Emma and Levi Fishing

Long Beach Fishing Derby: November 17, 2012

I have two kids, Emma and Levi (7 and 4 respectively). I love my kids and if you ask anyone who knows me, they know that I love spending time with them. I brag about them as any doting father does and I’m so proud of who they are becoming. I have to give a lot of that credit to their mom. She handles most of that and I just take the credit when I’m out with them. I love hearing people tell me how cute they are, how sweet they and how well behaved they are. I remember one time not too long ago, the three of us were at a park and Emma and Levi saw a little girl and her father. My kids are just naturally friendly and so they just said hello to the young girl. The young girl returned the gesture very timidly and said Hi. Then my kids said hi to her dad and he very politely returned the gesture as well. As they were getting into the car the father approached me and said, “you have really nice children. It says a lot about a parent when their kids are so pleasant and approachable.” I was overwhelmed with pride at that moment. I, we did something right with our kids. I was proud of them for being who they are and they’re like that with everyone (I’m sure as most kids are). I enjoy my kids, I enjoy moments, I enjoy who they are and I soak it all up.

So as a fairly new parent, new in the sense that most of my friend’s kids are in or out of college, I often here this phrase. “Enjoy them now because They Grow Up Fast.”

This is something I refuse to acknowledge as truth. My kids aren’t growing up fast, they’re growing up in the same time allotted everyone on this planet. They don’t travel in time, they don’t crawl through worm holes everyday and they certainly don’t have the ability to bend the rules of time and space. They are kids living in the same dimension as the rest of us therefore not growing any faster than anyone else on this planet.

Ok, so I know that’s not what they mean by “They Grow Up Fast”. But I still don’t acknowledge this false truth. I don’t like that phrase and whenever someone tells me to enjoy them now because they grow up fast I respond, “Actually, it’s not going by fast at all.” And when I think about it, it’s not. I just recently looked at some videos of Emma when she was three. I thought to myself, that was a long time ago. So there’s proof it’s not going by fast. If it were going by fast I would be saying, “Seems like just yesterday she was three.”

I think most parents just don’t live in the moment. There it is, it’s that simple, parents don’t live in the moment.

When I am with Emma and Levi I try to always live in that moment. Sometimes they don’t get all of me and sometimes I’m too busy to play with them but I don’t regret it. I can’t play hot wheels with Levi every waking moment. I can’t play dolls with Emma every waking moment. I can’t do everything at once. But what I can do it live in the moment and not chase the moment.

What I mean is, I think parents who say that their kids grow up fast miss a lot of moments with their kids as they grow up. They miss them because they’re either too busy trying to make sure they have enough for their kids to do or they are busy making plans to do something with their kids.

Levi and I have this thing now where we take walks two or three times a week. We’ll usually walk to the shopping center by our house and just take it in. I don’t worry about when we’ll get there and when we’ll get back, I just walk with my son. We have no schedule and we enjoy our time together. Sure the moments go by fast but he’s not growing up any faster because I can enjoy that time with him.

Enjoy your time with your kids in the moment and stop telling yourself that they grow up too fast. Keep telling yourself that and it will seem like they did because you were too busy worrying about them growing so fast that you didn’t take time to enjoy the moment.

I’m going to enjoy them now because they’re growing up SLOW and that’s just the way I like it.

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Ramble On

I’m on a classic rock kick. Ok, call it a Led Zeppelin kick and to be honest, I’ve always been on a Led Zeppelin kick. As I said in my previous post, my favorite song ever is “Stairway To Heaven”. However, Led Zeppelin’s fourth album was not my favorite album, it was there second album titled, II. Ramble On is by far the best song on this album.

Robert Plants lyrics are just amazing and his Tolkein references are subtle but direct, especially if you’re a Tolkein fan. He also makes Tolkein references in Misty Mountain Hop and Battle Of Evermore on their forth album.

Ramble On starts out as what seems to be an acoustic journey of a jangley acoustic guitar, some hand percussion and a swirly bass line. Jimmy Page invokes several amazing guitar riffs throughout and John Paul Jones’ swirly bass line is just contagious. I often find myself humming that particular piece of the song as I’m listening.

I love this song and would love to hear your thoughts if you’re a fan.


Classic Rock

I’ve always been a fan of “Classic Rock”, although when I was growing up, it was just ROCK, HARD ROCK. One of my first albums was Led Zeppelin’s fourth release commonly mistaken as Led Zeppelin IV. It was in fact NOT title IV but it was officially untitled. There are many rumors why but I won’t get into them. If I was asked what my all time favorite song was, I’d have to say Stairway To Heaven. This song is probably one of the most played songs ever. I do miss listening to records, the scratches and pops make them what they are, CLASSIC! Funny how when I was listening to them back in the 70’s, I always hated the scratches and pops. If you have this album, listen to it again. When you’re finished, listen again and again.


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