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Amateur Video

I am by no means a professional videographer but I do enjoy it. As by my previous post, I do enjoy taking video of my children and adding music to it. It’s simple process and the end product is mine to enjoy for a lifetime.

On the other hand, I also make a little money by shooting a friend of mine who is a motivational speaker/author and coach. We make weekly videos using green screen. This is actually a lot of fun because I really enjoy the process of taking something raw and turning it into something a little more flashy.

This is my little editing bay from my laptop. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to produce these videos. The Chroma Key process has become almost second hand for me.

I’ve been producing these videos for almost 5 years now and I think it’s time to turn it up a notch. What does that mean? Just better equipment. But for now, here’s the finished product.

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New Postcard Design

This is the newest postcard design for the 30 year class reunion at John F Kennedy High School. I was the class of 1982. Seems like yesterday.

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Green Screen Production for HammerHouse

I did this video back in Jan of 2012. This particular video does not have a intro. I will post that one soon.

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Kennedy High School Reunion Postcard

Here’s another postcard for my high school reunion. I think it’s unfinished but I wanted to post it regardless.

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